Release: 1991

Time: 38:03

1 Me
2 Tell Mama
3 You
4 And So It Goes
5 Mermelstein And The Disappearing Sink
6 Ad America
7 The Short Happy Life Of Henrietta
8 Your Name
9 You're Soaking In It
10 Sea Shanty Of An Icelandic Midwife
11 ?

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Breakfast With Amy (BWA) is one of the bands who proved that Christian music can be hipper than the mainstream instead of imitating it, and Dad is one of the stronger albums they produced during their time. It also demonstrates their impressive flexibility: the album moves from the pre-alternative neopsychedelia of "Tell Mama" and "You" to the brilliant free-form experimentation of songs like "Mermelstein and the Disappearing Sink." The latter track also demonstrates the band's incisive wit as they explode mainstream Christian clich. "Ad America" is BWA's pop song, complete with Beatlesque harmonies, jangly guitars and a catchy chorus. A guest appearance by Michael Pritzl of the Violet Burning makes for a wonderful mellow jam on "Your Name." Even considering Dad's ingenious eccentricity, it is still a fairly accessible album, and is a Christian album that still retains humanity, comprehensibility, and most importantly, sincerity. ~ Christopher Anderson

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