Toth's Weirdest CCM Trivia

Here they are!

1.About four years ago, I spotted this storefront display of Amy Grant fashionwear at a Contempo Casuals store, with some of the outfits from album covers and videos from that era and other clothes Amy might be seen in. Did anyone out there BUY any of this stuff? Does anyone have a cardboard clothing tag in their possession they'd make a photocopy of for me?!?

2.Michelle Pillar sings a cover version of "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" at the end of the episode of the Simpsons where one of Marge's sisters, after realizing she'll never have children, channels her motherly instincts to her new pet iguana, Jub-Jub.

3.Donna McElroy can be found on a Gumby tribute album (sic), GUMBY (Buena Vista Records 1989), doing a so-so cover of "Bend Me, Shape Me." Far more interesting, however, are originals like "(In Love) With You Gumby" by Dweezil & Moon Unit Zappa and the Beatlesque "We All Are Gumby" by Flo & Eddie.

4.Mark Heard was doing some recording studio work down the hall from where Olivia Newton John was recording her album, THE RUMOR a while back. She wanted ONE more song for her record, & someone said, hey this guy over there writes songs. She fell in love with "How To Grow Up Big & Strong" off Ideola (recently re-covered by Rich Mullins), it got on the album, and the rest is history.

5.Confirmed by my friend Rumby out in California: While the jury is still out on how much the rest of the rock and roll community (The Who, McCartney, etc.) has really been influenced by Larry Norman, Frank Black (Black Francis of The Pixies) is a HUGE (puns intended!!!) Norman fan. Frank to Rumby after a concert: "Oh yeah! I idolized him when I was a little kid. I dressed like him, I wore my hair like him, and everything!"

6.Larry Norman & Randy Stonehill co-star with Dick Van Patten (8 Is Enough), Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley), and others in SON OF THE BLOB, directed by Larry Hagman of Dallas and I Dream of Jeanie fame. Stonehill plays a hippy who, smoking pot with Cindy Williams in the sewer and playing guitar and singing a song "Captain Cocaine," gets eaten by the Blob. Norman has one big line: "Uh, is anyone going to the coffeehouse?" as well as a "Wow!" or something near the end. I'll see if I can post the coffeehouse line as a Quick Time movie sometime in the future.

Michael Toth